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The Brookhaven Experiment Review – Great Value for the Money

Owners of the PlayStation VR headset have a wide variety of games to choose from these days. The Brookhaven Experiment is a title we somehow never got around to playing before, but it is certainly worth paying attention to. Although the price of $19.99 may still be a bit steep, the game certainly has a lot of great intense action and suspenseful moments. Sadly, the developers couldn’t iron out all of the issues just yet.

The Brookhaven Experiment is Quite fun

Although most of us have had it with VR horror games revolving around shooting and defending objectives, The Brookhaven Experiment provides some great value for the money. It becomes evident pretty quickly the slow movement of enemies will not work in your favor automatically, as you can get swamped from different angles pretty easily. Your goal is to fight back the enemies, come away unscathed, and swing around your Move controllers like a madman in a zombie apocalypse.

Thanks to a few updates by the game developers, The Brookhaven Experiment feels a lot better compared to this initial release. Adding the Aim controller has been a great decision and it is something fans of the game thoroughly appreciate. The combat itself works pretty well in every way, as there is nothing to be frustrated about. Aiming your gun can be tricky in some of the darker sections, though, but that only adds to the overall suspense.

On the graphics front, The Brookhaven Experiment is not something to write home about. While the graphics are adequate, the game isn’t so expensive because of its aesthetics. Little enemy variation in terms of design – despite different skills – is a slight downer, but it’s nothing that breaks the game either. Combined with very dark levels and suspenseful action, it is a good package altogether. Plus, the soundtrack is by far one of the better we have come across in this genre, at least where VR games are concerned.

One thing The Brookhaven Experiment lacks is a decent story. It has a plot, but nothing we haven’t seen or heard before a dozen times already. It doesn’t detract from the overall gameplay, though. There is no online mode for this game either, which may be a downside for some players. The game itself is pretty fun for players who enjoy offline content, and it does provide some replayability as well. Definitely worth picking up for a lower price, although the retail price isn’t too bad for the 6-ish hours of content you get out of the campaign.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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