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The Invisible Hours Review – An Amazing VR Murder Mystery

It is good to see a game with a very gripping story come to the virtual industry these days. The Invisible Hours for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR is well worth checking out, even though it has some awkward moments which break immersion. Moreover, the developers successfully created a VR experience we have not seen for quite some time now. A murder mystery in VR is quite remarkable and done rather well at the same time.

The Invisible Hours is a Major VR Game

Up until this point, most of the VR games with a narrative-driven aspect are a big let down so far. While there have been a few titles with strung our emotional chords, the “main event” has not been delivered just yet. Thankfully, The Invisible Hours proves things can be done very differently in this regard as well. It almost feels like playing an Agatha Christie game while trying to solve a quite unusual murder.

The fact this game has several chapters for players to complete only makes it even more amazing. As a player, you have to put all pieces of the puzzle together and ensure you can catch the culprit accordingly. Moreover, players can go back in time or speed up events as they see fit. Being able to explore things at your own pace is a major positive for this game, that much is certain.

What is even more interesting is how The Invisible Hours asks the player to successfully play through multiple characters. As is the case with any real-life murder investigation, there are many different sides to this story as we speak. The developers also went out of their way to include some historical figures, which is pretty interesting. Although this is more of a visual novel rather than an actual game, it makes for a very compelling experience altogether. With this strong narrative, people won’t even notice they aren’t playing themselves most of the time.

In the end, The Invisible Hours is a lot of fun and well worth checking out by any VR enthusiast. It is gripping, surprising, quirky, and a bit awkward at regular intervals. It is an amazing game which we have been waiting for for quite some time now. We can only hope to see more games in this genre come to market in the coming months and years. Tequila Works deserves a lot of praise for this amazing game and we highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a proper VR experience.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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