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The Last Sniper Review – An Atrocious WW2-Themed VR Shooter

For some unknown reason, there are very few “sniper” oriented games for VR right now. That is a bit odd, considering one would expect this technology to perfectly accommodate such games. When The last Sniper was released, we were initially excited about what the game had to offer. Sadly, it turned out far less interesting than we had hoped. The game is available for the HTC Vive and costs $7.99, although it may be best to wait for a sale.

The Last Sniper Fails to Deliver the Goods

Any sniper-oriented VR game in a World War II setting sounds pretty interesting on paper. Although The Last Sniper turned out to be more of a wave shooter than we would have liked, the concept still had a lot of merit. Moreover, the environments in this game are of excellent quality, which is what impressed us first and foremost. Sadly, that was also the best part of this game, as everything else seems to be rather subpar at best. People looking for some solid entertainment value may want to consider other games.

Your job in The Last Sniper is to kill enemies with a sniper rifle. Although this may sound easy, it is a fair bit more challenging than one would think. This is not due to the enemy AI, mind you, but rather because the weapon handling is absolutely awful. There is no way one should be able to hold a sniper rifle with one hand It just never feels like you wild a sniper rifle whatsoever, which takes away a lot of the fun from the get-go.

With a fair few different levels to go through, it becomes evident how much has been put in to make everything look and feel unique. All environments are designed extremely well, yet they can’t counter the terrible gameplay itself. Since enemies seemingly only stand or crouch, it doesn’t take much effort to take them down whatsoever. From a content perspective, The Last Sniper offers a very little to get excited about, which is very, very disappointing. Even the other two other game modes simply feel cheap and half-assed.

In the end, The Last Sniper is a big letdown. While we had high hopes for a sniper-related game in a WW2 setting, it turned out to be nothing memorable or exciting. Good visuals don’t make up for odd psychics and various inconsistencies through the game. It is a boring, repetitive game which will make you turn it off after an hour or less. For the price of $7.99, we can’t recommend anyone to pick up this game. If it ever goes on sale for under $2, it could be worth it, but it will remain an atrocious game.  

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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