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The Mage’s Tale Review – an Average Game Which Could Have Been Much More

Finding a good virtual reality game to play is not as easy as people would expect. Just because there are tons of games to choose from doesn’t mean the quality is up to par either. While The Mega’s Tale sounds quite fun on paper, the experience is very different. For a dungeon crawler, we expected something else entirely. The horrid voice acting isn’t helping matters either. Oculus Rift owners can check out the game when it is discounted, as it is not worth the full price by any means.

The Mage’s Tale has a lot of Unused Potential

As one would expect from a  fantasy game, the story is the same old rehash we have seen dozens of times. You need to rescue someone close to you who has been kidnapped by an evil overlord. As a mage, you need to learn the necessary skills to successfully complete this mission as cleanly as possible. One thing we do like about The Mage’s Tale is how suers can craft spells and use them accordingly, which is a nice feature. That is also one of the only fun aspects by far.

Waving Oculus Touch controls almost feels like you are slinging spells to enemies, which the game does well. Solid VR motion controls are hard to come by, yet The Mage’s Tale excels in this regard. Moreover, the game uses your gaze as a control system to target enemies and interact with obstacles. For a few brief moments, you may actually feel like a wizard’s apprentice. Sadly, the experience doesn’t last all that long.

Crawling dungeons hinges on exploring and finding items to make your character stronger. Sadly, the experience is just overall boring, and there is no real alteration to the gameplay whatsoever. Spells feel and look nearly the same, even after multiple upgrades. Additionally, combat is bogged down by very sloppy movement, including the dodging aspect which doesn’t work all too well. Although we did not experience locomotion sickness by any means, engaging combat will create some massive discomfort, to say the least.

With ten different dungeon environments, one would expect some degree of fun. That is not the case, as the second dungeon feels repetitive, and it doesn’t get better by the time you get to the last. The puzzles are essentially the same as well, which doesn’t help matters either. The novelty wears off very quickly, which hinders the replayability of this game as well. All in all, it is not the strong showing we expected, but it is not entirely horrible either. Pick it up when it is discounted, rather than paying the full price.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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