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To The Top Review – A Pure Adrenaline Rush

Virtual reality technology often lends itself to some fast-paced gameplay. Interestingly enough, there aren’t too many games pursuing this option right now. To The Top is one of the games which does things extremely well, even though there are checkpoints in place to prevent players from progress too quickly. That being said, the game is quite fun to play and will give you a decent workout as well.

To The Top Equals Fast Parkour Action

Even though we are less than impressed by the graphics presented by To The Top, that disappointment is forgotten rather quickly. Once you get into the game itself, there is little time to admire your surroundings in a negative manner. The game thrives on controls, music, and gameplay, and it checks all of the right boxes in this regard.

As the name of the game somewhat suggests, the main objective is to work your way through obstacle tracks in a real parkour style.  Users of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will be pleased to hear their controllers come into play in this game. Players can make use of various objects around the courses to manipulate their trajectory. Speaking of movement, player are jolted in the direction they are looking at. It is good to see more games use this mechanic, rather than some clunky or annoying movement mechanism.

Once you get the hang of the game, you will quickly find yourself chaining moves together. Sliding slipping, leaping, and soaring are just a few of the experiences you will enjoy. It sounds quite simple at first, but there is no more satisfying feeling than pulling off that perfect combination of moves. Combining this freedom of movement with pounding beats and a fun factor one rarely encounters in VR, it is not hard to see why To The Top is a fan favorite among gamers these days.

There is much more to this game as well, though. Players can search for collectibles and secrets which are spread out across every level. This VR game provides a little something for everyone to enjoy, which is a rarity among VR offerings these days. While one needs to earn a certain amount of medals to unlock new stages over time, this degree of gated content is not a deal breaker by any means. It just makes you push yourself harder and harder until you reach the next stage. All things considered, this is a must-have game for everyone who enjoys fast-paced action , a fine tune, and some exhilarating movements.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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