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Twisted Arrow Review – Fun Combat and Movement With Mediocre Graphics

Owners of the HTC Vive with plenty of gaming room to spare may want to check out Twisted Arrow. It is an interesting game, which is also the third VR creation by Phaser Lock Interactive The in-game mechanics of Twisted Arrow are well beyond more traditional VR games. However, the story is pretty mediocre and the graphics are almost deplorable. Most players will have a good time playing it, though, as the combat and movement are both top notch.

Twisted Arrow is a mix of Good and Mediocre

Do not purchase Twisted Arrow for the HTC Vive if you are looking for  a solid background story. Most games with less than stellar graphics make up a lot due to their great storytelling. This game is not one of them, as the story is almost nonexistent. That is not entirely uncommon among VR games anno 2017 but it is still disappointing. Especially when considering how very little work was put into developing graphics. Then again, not every developer has a massive budget for every game they create.

Players who dive into Twisted Arrow will be greeted with a very linear approach Missions come and go, with some variety in place. Then again, the novelty certainly wears off quickly, despite having you blow up buildings on multiple occasions. Moving around in the game is done through teleportation, a method that works surprisingly well in this game. Unlike what we expected, there is no motion sickness whatsoever. That is a good sign and a major milestone for the developers.

In the graphics department, there is virtually nothing to get excited about. It is not a horrible visual experience, but it isn’t even close to what we are used to as far as most games are concerned. Do keep in mind this is a game made by a small development studio .Even though it is their third game for the VR industry, they are all similarly designed. Not too bad to look at, but disappointing once you start paying attention to it.

The combat system in Twisted Arrow is pretty solid, all things considered. Shooting arrows is quite satisfying, as is the wide variety of ammunition you can use. It is also the highlight of the game, as there are no puzzles or strategic elements to be found in the game whatsoever. The audio soundtrack, on the other hand, is of great quality, which helps with the immersive factor. All things considered, a solid game for HTC Vive, but only if you don’t have too high expectations.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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