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VRZ: Torment Review – The Best VR Zombie Game to Date?

Owners of an Oculus Rift VR headset have no shortage of games to choose from. Some of these products are far better and more fun than others. VRZ: Torment doesn’t have the most pleasant name, even though it revolves around killing zombies and exploring a virtual world. The game gets high praise for its gameplay mechanics and single player story., Plus , the arcade mode is a nice touch as well.

VRZ: Torment is More Good ol’ Zombie Goodness

Killing zombies is all of the rage in both the gaming and visual industry these days. We haven’t seen this many games, movies, or TV shows themed around zombies since a few decades ago. VR game developers are trying to capitalize on this market as well. VRZ: Torment is one of those games that will leave many players satisfied. It controls well, has a ton of content, and offers replay value thanks to the arcade mode. It’s not a zombie wave shooter by any means, which immediately catapults it well ahead of most other games revolving around this theme.

Games such as VRZ: Torment make a name for themselves due to their look and feel. A plethora of weapons to kill zombies, great controls, a decent audio track, and an impressive atmosphere all add up to a zombie RPG-esque game well worth its money. Moreover, movement in the game is done quite well, ranging from teleportation to trackpad locomotion and Omni. None of these movements induce any motion sickness, which shows the indie developer ensured that wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Unlike most VR games, VRZ: Torment also has a decently sized campaign. It is still short compared to regular PC and console games, but it has more life than most similar games. It does appear more content is added on a regular basis, as it only started out with 1 chapter in the beginning. Even when you got through all of the singleplayer content, there is still an arcade mode to keep you engaged for months to come. The artwork in this game certainly helps to keep things fresh, which is another boon for the developers.

All things considered VRZ: Torment is one of the best zombie games we have seen in years. It is interactive, challenging, fun, and combines all aspects of VR in a good way. It is certainly worth the price right now, as you get  a lot more than what you are actually paying for. Oculus Rift owners who enjoy killing zombies should take a keen interest in this game, as they will not regret the purchase in our opinion.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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