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Aeon Review – Brutally Unforgiving VR Shooter With Plenty of Gameplay

It doesn’t happen all that often we come across VR games which actually make you want to get better. More specifically, there are plenty of challenging games, but none effectively make you think twice about how bad of a gamer you may actually be. With Aeon, that situation is very different. This particular VR shooter raises the bar in so many ways it is impossible to keep track of. The game is available for the HTC Vive for the price of $24.99.

Aeon is a Different Breed of VR Shooter

Right off the bat, it becomes evident pretty quickly Aeon is not your average VR shooter. It is one of the few games in this genre worthy of the name, including brutal combat, challenging gameplay, and cinematic sequences that will make you proverbially drool. If you effectively want to beat the game – which we haven’t done yet – you will need to bring your A-game and adapt. The world is not a fun place and everything is out to get you in one way or another.

It feels incredibly refreshing to play a ┬áVR shooter which effectively has a steep difficulty curve. This does mean you will get overwhelmed and frustrated at some points, but it is all in good fun in the end. The difficulty makes you want to improve or simply uninstall the game. The enemies are only part of the challenge in this game, as you will need actual skill to successfully complete this game. Aeon is such a fresh game in this regard, we can’t bring ourselves to uninstalling it before finishing, no matter how difficult it gets.

Gameplay in Aeon is somewhat comparable to other games in the genre. Your ability to slow down time is pretty interesting, especially because it depends on how you actively move. For a godlike power like this one, it certainly checks all of the right boxes, even though it is not without challenges either. It takes a lot of time and dedication to fully master the game elements of Aeon, but it is something most players will certainly appreciate. Moving around is done through teleportation or traditional locomotion. Both options work quite well.

Do not expect much hand-holding in Aeon. Ten seconds in, you are already fighting for your life. It is a brutally unforgiving game which offers a lot of great content and several hours worth of gameplay. Make sure to work on your headshots, as they will make life slightly easier. With an AI effectively capable of hitting you properly, and the limited amount of damage you can take, Aeon poses quite a challenge. Finishing this game will take several days, though, and you will face frustration now and then. That is the best type of frustration, mind you, and one that makes us excited about finishing this game over the weekend.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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