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Duck Season Review – A Game Within a Game That Just Works

Duck Season is not one of the VR titles we were initially excited about.Not because it has bad gameplay elements, mind you, but mainly because it seems to be rather repetitive. Unfortunately, those fears were more than warranted, although it’s not a big letdown. The VR world building and interactive environments more than make up for some tedious gameplay. Duck Season is available in the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for the price of $19.99.

Duck Season is an Interesting VR Game

It is difficult to quantify Duck Season into a specific category. Your objective is to hunt ducks and do so as efficiently as possible. Anyone who played Duck Hunt decades ago will be very familiar with the concept, although it is very different to do so in virtual reality. The eighties atmosphere is very immersive and attributes a lot to the gaming experience. Considering you are playing a game in which your character plays a video game, the end result could have been a lot worse.

When you play the actual Duck Season game itself the ducks will zip by your screen pretty quickly. Your objective is to shoot them down, although you also need to reload the rifle quite regularly. It is a simple concept, but one that is done extremely well, even if it gets somewhat repetitive after a while. The weapon handling is done pretty well and will pose a big challenge for first-time players. Unfortunately, the basic concept remains in place throughout the entire game with very little variation.

There is a darker side to Duck Season as well. Every round you play in the game itself means an hour in the game character’s real world has passed. Throughout the day, you will hear multiple strange reports, and every time there is something new to discover. We hadn’t anticipated any heart-pounding plot twist from this particular game, but rest assured there will be some surprises coming your way. All of this is done in perfect immersive manner, for which we can only applaud the developers.

Even though Duck Season gets a bit repetitive, there are multiple endings to unlock. There are also some intriguing Easter eggs, and collecting them all adds several hours of gameplay to the list. The mix of experimentation with shooting ducks works extremely well, and Duck Season left us more satisfied than anticipated. Moreover, this game showcases the strengths of VR game development when things are done right. Duck Season is a game well worth checking out, especially if you can get it for a lower price.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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