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Apex Construct Review – Repetitive and Uninspired

Apex Construct is one of those VR games which will be of great interest to a lot of people, yet others will seemingly ignore. While the owners of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets can finally access this game on March 20th, it is not all that we expected either, unfortunately. We can only hope the developers polish a few more things before releasing this game to the public.

Apex Construct is Another Post-apocalyptic VR Game

On paper, there is a bright future ahead for post-apocalyptic VR games. That is, assuming the concept actually works and advertised, and the game is fun to play. In the case of Apex Construct, we are not exactly inspired to play this game all the way through. Its original premise is pretty solid and offers a lot of things to be excited about. Unfortunately, that excitement dissipates pretty quickly.

Playing a game in which you are the last person on earth is anything but refreshing these days. Unfortunately, there are a dozen of such games in the VR industry as of right now, and Apex Construct will become another title to forget rather quickly at this rate.Your companion, an AI known as Fathr, wants your help to destroy Mothr. It is this kind of “story” you can expect throughout most of the game, unfortunately.

There are some interesting aspects regarding this story. More specifically, there are audio recordings and documents to collect and read. These will help you understand the story a bit better, but that is about all there is to it. A relationship between two AIs is certainly interesting, but it doesn’t captivate us in the slightest. Nor are the graphics even remotely appealing, as the game clearly lacks inspiration.

Surprisingly, the game is already available on PlayStation VR, even though you will need Move controllers to do so. The gameplay involves moving around, solving puzzles, and fighting different kinds of robots. Your weapons are a bow with three different arrows, and a shield, which is also your bow. A rather interesting choice, but it is evident the game itself is a mix of fun aspects and uninspired gameplay and story elements. It’s incredibly repetitive gameplay as well, which makes us even less excited to reach the game’s ending.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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