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Brass Tactics Review – A Proper VR RTS Game has Arrived

It has been a while since we last saw a proper real-time strategy game in the world of VR gaming. In fact, one could argue there hasn’t been any major game to come to market as of yet. With Brass Tactics, things are finally heading in the right direction. There are some downsides as well, but overall, the game holds up quite well. Oculus Rift owners can pick up this game for $24.99.

Brass Tactics is Surprisingly Good

With so many games attempting to provide a proper RTS VR experience and failing to do so, it’s only normal people have no real expectations for Brass Tactics. After playing the game for a few hours, we can honestly say there is a lot to like about this game. It is not perfect by any means, but the experience looks and feels as genuine as one would expect from a virtual reality RTS game.It legitimately feels as if you are controlling troops from a tabletop point of view.

Brass Tactics has an intriguing steampunk setting which can be found throughout the entire single player content. That particular campaign lasts for as much as six to seven hours, depending on your playstyle. Moreover, there are different maps to check out, armies to choose from, upgrades to pursue, and multiplayer options to explore. Brass Tactics offers a surprising amount of VR RTS content for this price.

As the game evolves, so does the difficulty setting and the amount of things you can do. Newer regions lead to more resource gathering and building production, which is pretty intriguing. Moving around the map is done pretty well too, as you “float” over the map first and foremost. Your entire map is visible at all times as well, which is something experienced RTS players will either like or dislike. Everything just feels incredibly immersive and involved, which makes for an overall great gaming experience.

Unfortunately, there are some annoying things to Brass Tactics as well. Matches quickly feel like one and the same after a while, which is pretty annoying. The units also look rather alike, even though they serve different purposes.There is also a limit as to which ‘advanced’ features you can use after upgrading units at your base. With no ‘real” base building involved either, the game is a pretty mixed bag, but still great fun overall.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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