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Archangel Review – An Exhilarating and Gripping PlayStation VR Game

Virtual reality games have to get a few things right to properly impress gamers. Immersion, presence, and a proper soundtrack are all we require to have a good time. Archangel, one of the many PlayStation VR games, checks all of the right boxes in this regard. The game also combines mechs with a gripping story and brilliant graphics. We fell in love with the game from the moment we started it.

Archangel is Beautiful, Mesmerizing, and Quite Emotional

It doesn’t happen often we talk about a virtual reality game which leaves a lasting emotional impression. Archangel is certainly capable of doing so, as the connection between a player and the game is established pretty quickly. Once it gets you hooked, things will change dramatically, but in a good way. Piloting a mech is a wonderful experience in this game, but it is not the aspect which will leave that lasting impression upon your soul.

The game is set is an apocalyptic landscape which the player readily explores while piloting a mech. That alone was enough to get us interested in this game, but eventually, we get so much more. Every mission you play – and there are quite a few – will help you discover more about the protagonist’s personality and decisions. Moreover, you will interact with a team under your command, and their personalities will grow on you as more time progresses.

More importantly, the audio in this game is on a different level. Particularly the voice acting is done in a fun and professional manner which keeps you hooked.  The story alone, which often lacks when it comes to VR games, is one of the best we have come across in post-apocalyptic virtual reality games to date. The storyline is also different depending on whether you pick the male or female main character, which is a nice touch.

The bigger question we had is whether or not it would even remotely fun to control a match. VR controllers are not always the most wieldy bunch, and can lead to frustrating moments. Archangel does a lot of things right in this regard as well, and you are even capable of using  a regular DS4 controller. Archangel has easy controls, but they are difficult to master. The game will also punish you for messing up the mech controls, just like you would expect.  Even the regular difficulty setting will cause death more than a few times.

In the end, we can hardly fault Archangel for anything, other than perhaps being a bit brief. We completed the campaign in a few hours, which seems to be on par with other gamers. Multiple difficulty settings will challenge the competitive players among us, although it will be a very punishing experience. We absolutely loved Archangel and recommend it to any PlayStation VR owner. It is well worth the money, although it could be worth waiting for a sale as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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