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Tiny Trax Review – A fun Racing Game For PlayStation VR Owners

When a VR game by the name of Tiny Trax is released, there is no reason for us not to check it out. After all, it sounds like a racing game, which is one of our favorite genres. It is available exclusively on PlayStation VR, and it is one extremely fun game, to say the least. It is also the first venture by this publisher into the world of racing, but it is a more than commendable effort.

Tiny Trax is Hilariously Fun and Challenging

Even though virtual reality should lend itself perfectly toward racing games, there aren’t too many offerings available in this genre. That is somewhat surprising, although it probably has to do with potential simulator sickness effects. Tiny Trax goes to show those issues can be overcome easily by a competent development team, though.As the name suggests, you are racing small cars on small tracks, but that doesn’t make things less challenging by any means

At first glance, the controls of this game are fairly simple, which is nice to see. After all, too complex controls will immediately diminish the experience, but that is not the case with Tiny Trax. With just four actions to choose from, there is no reason to be concerned over any complicated combinations whatsoever. Albeit some people may argue four abilities isn’t enough, they are more than sufficient to keep you engaged for hours to come.

Surprisingly enough, the game has a bit of a steep difficulty curve. Racing becomes a lot more complex pretty quickly, which is partially achieved thanks to a strong AI.In fact, your first race will probably end in disaster, but it is all in good fun. Four skills are difficult to implement successfully the first few tries, but given some time, you will quickly start winning races without too many problems. That is, assuming you have the drifting mechanic under control.

From a ¬†gameplay perspective, we have no complaints about Tiny Trax whatsoever. Using a DS4 controller makes a lot of sense for this type of game, that much is evident. Despite only having twelve tracks, the different “levels” are all unique enough to create some diversity. Plus, there are online leaderboards to keep you engaged for quite some time to come. The only downside is how there is no adjustable difficulty setting, but it is not a deal breaker. We had a really good time playing the game, although no one would mind additional tracks to choose from.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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