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ARK Park Review – A Horrendous Game in the ARK Franchise

Although we do like VR games based on TV shows and existing franchises, there is always a degree of skepticism involved as well. When we first learned about ARK Park, the expectations were rather low. After having played the “game”, it is evident those concerns were more than warranted. The game is not fun, it serves no purpose, and it is not something anyone should pick up either. Owners of the PlayStation VR are better off letting this game be, as its $44.99 price tag is a disgrace.

ARK Park Simply Doesn’t cut it

We always try to be positive about new PlayStation VR games This platform still has the most potential to make a powerful impact on the industry moving forward. ARK Park, on the other hand, shows why so many games are best left unmade, as the game itself is a complete and utter disappointment. While it seems like a spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved, the game quickly deteriorates from that premise in spectacular fashion.

To be more specific the opening scene of the game is promising. It almost feels as if you are traveling to a world filled with dinosaurs. Doing so in VR sounds quite appealing, yet we never get the enjoy the game from that point forward. While you can craft, explore, and all the things one would expect, the game just doesn’t click like it should.

One of the main reasons for these problems is the movement system in ARK Park. Numerous VR games embrace teleportation in a meaningful manner. In this game, it simply does not work whatsoever. It is frustrating, annoying, and simply doesn’t fit the overall game’s theme. Using your head to move in a specific direction and “aim” for it gets annoying pretty quickly. This choice by the developers makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Graphically, the game looks worse than the early alpha build of ARK: Survival Evolved. It is atrocious and does not belong on the PS VR platform. While the dinosaurs are pretty detailed, everything else is just “not there”. This game has a lot of potential that is not utilized right now. A graphical polish would do wonders, although the crafting system is not necessarily all there either. There is no sense of accomplishment, and no real reason to play the game either.

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By Marat Arguinbaev

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