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Bandit Six: Combined Arms Review – An Interesting Game That Isn’t for Everyone

Truth be told, we weren’t too excited about playing Bandit Six: Combined Arms at first. Considering how this game is available on the PlayStation VR, we did have some high expectations when we finally freed up some time to play it. We have seen far too many VR shooters already, but this specific game offers something that got us hooked pretty quickly.

Bandit Six: Combined Arms is a Pretty Decent Game

Some VR users may be familiar with the concept of Bandit Six games Two of these games have been released for the Samsung Gear VR exclusively over the past two years. With Bandit Six: Combined Arms, the developers are jumping ship to PlayStation VR. The concept of the game is still pretty similar: complete missions during a World War 2 settings. There are a few dozen levels to play through, which provides more than enough content for most people.

However, there are some caveats as well. Regardless of your play style, there do not appear to be advantages or drawbacks to the outcome of levels. There is no right or wrong approach for the most part, which is a bit of a letdown. There are powerups to collect throughout the game, which are obtained by shooting down cargo planes. These show up now and then in the midst of killing enemies, which offers a brief change of pace.

Do not be fooled in thinking Bandit Six: Combined Arms is an easy game, though. There are plenty of difficult challenges ahead which will require some quick reflexes and thinking. There is plenty of aerial combat to contend with, although the two games bundled into one in this package provide a few different options in general. All modes have different guns to play around with, which can also be buffed for a brief period of time.

The art style of Bandit Six: Combined Arms will turn some people off, whereas others will absolutely love it. In our case, it is a more than acceptable art style. Overall, we had some good fun with bandit Six: Combined Arms, as it offers a few decent hours of gameplay.It is worth picking up for fans of shooting games in a World War II setting, to say the least. Everyone else will need to check out some video reviews before making up their minds, as we can see why the game wouldn’t appeal to everyone right away

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