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Anshar Wars 2 Review – A Brilliant Space Shooter for the Samsung Gear VR

It is pretty difficult to find a proper VR game when it comes to a good story, enjoyable action, and hours of content. Anshar Wars 2 is, for a mobile title, absolutely amazing. The game is available on the Samsung Gear VR right now and certainly shows there can be a bright future ahead for mobile VR headsets. Space combat mixed with good controls and plenty of stages makes for an excellent virtual reality gaming experience.

Anshar Wars 2 is an Excellent Samsung Gear VR Game

Space combat in virtual reality is something more game developers need to explore. Delivering a proper game set in space is not necessarily easy by any means, though, for obvious reasons. Keeping this in mind, we were somewhat surprised to see Anshar Wars 2 available for the Samsung Gear VR, as most smartphones aren’t even close to proper VR headsets hooked up to computers. Then again, this game shows you don’t need a $300+ VR headset to have a great VR gaming experience.

It is also worth mentioning this is the second game in an ongoing series right now. Anshar Wars 1 was a great experience, and the controls have certainly been improved for the second installment. Natural controls go a long way when flying through space, shooting enemies, and completing different stages. Plus, players have virtually full control over their ship, including flight speed. All of this is done extremely well and the developers deserve a lot of praise for their efforts.

The stages themselves also provide players with plenty of variation, which is something we hope to see more of in VR gaming moving forward. Fighting, exploration, and simply gawking at visuals are all part of the routine. There is no “boring” aspect of this game whatsoever, which is a welcome change compared to some other similar offerings in the genre.Especially the flying animations are done so incredibly well, players will waste some time just flying around in circles because they can

Moreover, the game has some of the most solid voice acting we have seen to date. Every person does their job extremely well which only adds to the immersion. There is no multiplayer component in this game, though, but it never felt like we missed it either. For a mobile VR game, Anshar Wars 2 thoroughly impressed us and it is well worth picking up. Even though it costs $14.99, players will certainly get their money’s worth out of it over the course of multiple hours.

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