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Cavernous Wastes Review – Lack of Accomplisment and Guidance Makes the Game a Pass

With a pretty calm weekend behind us, we were looking forward to trying out some new VR games. Cavernous wastes on the PlayStation VR is one of those titles we looked forward to playing. Sadly, things didn’t exactly turn out as we had expected, as the game is pretty “mediocre’ at best. In fact, it will make a lot of players uninstall the game within the first 15 minutes.

Cavernous Wastes is a big Waste of Time

We always like to give every VR game a few opportunities to become more appealing. A first look at a game isn’t always completely correct, and things have to be put in a different spotlight now and then. Cavernous Wastes failed to impress us at first glance, even though the trailer seems pretty appealing. We stuck with it for at least two hours, but things never improved all that much, unfortunately. Although we aren’t big fans of games holding players by the hand during extended tutorials, Cavernous Wastes has no guidance whatsoever.

More specifically, you are not given a background story or an objective in the game world. It almost seems as if you missed an opening cutscene somehow, but there isn’t one to explain things, so don’t look for it. Any game which offers no purpose or at least some indication as to what players are expected to do will always struggle to gain market traction. Cavernous Wastes will not fare any different in this regard, which is pretty sad to see.

One has to keep in mind Cavernous Wastes is a title for the PS4 that will work without a VR headset as well. Given the fact most people will have no idea how to start, it doesn’t warrant the use of a VR headset either. Both versions are pretty much identical, mind you, as you pilot a ship through a bunch of caves. The only downside is how using the VR version may induce simulator sickness for some people, which only adds to the VR version’s woes.

After an hour or two, you have finally pieced together some parts of what is going on. Players will collect journal entries telling the game’s story. Finding these entries is difficult, as most of the caves look pretty similar at first. The story is, once you start putting it together, pretty interesting. The combat in the game is pretty boring, but a welcome change of pace when it happens. In the end, it feels as if Cavernous Wastes wasted a lot of potential, and it is certainly something most people will not like whatsoever.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.