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Cosmic Awakening VR Review – Exploring a Spaceship in VR is Pretty Scary

Space often seems like a fun region of our universe to explore, even though it is both extremely dark and utterly silent. Cosmic Awakening VR shows there is another haunting side of space exploration, to say the least. The game borders on the horror-esque side of the spectrum, but not necessarily due to the enemies you encounter. Walking around an abandoned space ship in VR is quite frightening, even for the most sturdy players among us.

Cosmic Awakening VR is Haunting and Mesmerizing

It doesn’t happen all of that often we see a VR game which basically sucks you in and never lets go. Cosmic Awakening VR is certainly one of the games which does extremely well. So well, even one could almost fault the developers for an experience which will leave quite a few players scared for their life. This game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is very mesmerizing in its own unique way. An abandoned space ship in VR looks nothing like most people would think it will

Contrary to most other games, Cosmic Awakening VR uses teleportation as a locomotion mechanism. This makes a lot of sense for exploration-oriented game like these, to say the least. It is possible other movement features will be implemented through future patches. Given the excellent look and feel – again, almost to a fault – the game is absolutely exhilarating to play. People who don’t like horror or their hair standing on end on their arms may want to pass up on Comis Awakening VR, though.

One thing the game doesn’t do well is giving players much to do. More specifically, you are left to fend for your own from the moment you get up out of cryo-sleep. Looking around the game in the hopes of finding surviving crew members is the main objective, which is done quite well. The ending is also somewhat abrupt, which may leave players yearning for more. In our playthrough, we completed everything – after thorough exploration – within 75 minutes. Not the lengthiest of games by any means, but still quite fun.

Anyone who likes this type of game should pick this up regardless You will have a great time with it, as it is filled with mystery and a lot of unanswered questions. The price of $24.99 may be a bit steep for some players, though, but it is well worth the money in our opinion. Although we would have liked a lengthier experience, the game is fun and provides plenty of content to enjoy. Definitely one of the better VR games out there right now.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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