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Viking Rage Review – Brutally Fun and a High Replay Value

Action games always tend to do quite well in virtual reality. Although some games are woefully short Viking Rage certainly checks a lot of the right boxes. Although the game almost feels like a mix between tower defense and wave shooter – without the guns – it is just a very fun experience. Enemies will eagerly try to kill you unless you beat them to the punch. Viking Rage is a great game which works well on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For the price of $8.99, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Viking Rage is a Brutally fun VR Game

Although the background story isn’t necessarily the best, it doesn’t matter all too much in this game. Viking Rage is all about smashing enemies to a pulp as quickly as possible without dying. Weapons at your disposal include throwing axes and a bow with arrows. As long as your weapon lands near the enemy, you will take them out. Larger enemies are a bit more difficult to kill, but there is nothing overly frustrating about it. Also beware of the mounted opponents, as those can be pretty tricky to defeat at times.

The more enemies you kill, the higher your Rage meter will go. As the meter fills up, you will have a chance to attack a special enemy and unleash your Viking Rage which makes most actions an instakill. It is as fun and exhilarating as it sounds and doesn’t get boring after a few replays either. There are some tweaks to perform with your weapons, such as lighting arrows on fire or using a potion that ensures enemies hit by an arrow are frozen in place for a few seconds. Plus, there are bombs to make use, as well as icicles to literally spear opponents. Yup, it is that kind of game.

One small downside to the game is how it only has five levels. While that isn’t much by any stretch of the imagination, Viking Rage provides enough incentives to keep playing the same levels over and over again. There is also a boss you’ll need to defeat which requires a bit more effort than just using your controller. On the upside, there are a handful of different minigames, which can be played in between game levels. One game revolves around playing golf, whereas another is a time-based challenge. All of it is great fun and a welcome distraction in between the waves of enemies you are effectively destroying.

Some users have reported minor glitches while playing, though.There are some FPS drops when you move your head around in the later levels, which can be pretty annoying All of this can be addressed by the developers through future patches, though. The graphics aren’t the best by any means, but they do the job just fine in our opinion. All levels look different from one another, which is always good to see. Do take your time to look over the edge whenever you can, as the view might surprise you. All things considered, definitely worth picking up for the price, as it provides hours of entertainment.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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