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Desert Bus VR – Incredibly Fun Although Hard to Explain Why

It has to be said, the concept of driving a bus around in virtual reality would not appeal to a lot of people. Especially when there is nothing on the bus, to begin with. This is exactly why Desert Bus VR is such a massive success, though. Anyone in the world can join your bus ride as you create a social hangout for friends and family members. Especially when considering the bus drive takes 8 eight hours for a single trip, you will want someone at your side through it all.  The game is available free of charge for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Desert Bus VR is Better Than Expected

Although we never got a chance to play the Original SEGA CD version of Desert Bus, the VR version is probably better in most regards. Although not appealing based on the concept alone, the VR angle gives this game an entirely new dimension players have never experienced before.

Endlessly driving down a highway in the midst of a desert doesn’t look all that appealing. Moreover,  you have to be on your toes, as drifting off the road will result in having to use a tow truck. So far, it sounds pretty boring, but rest assured Desert Bus VR has a lot more to offer. Although this VR version is a remake of the original game, it has some interesting new features.

You can look around left and right, open the doors, and honk the horn. You pick up passengers in the middle of nowhere, after which your eight-hour drive begins in earnest. If you prefer, you can just sit in the back of the bus while someone else drives and enjoy the scenery. The daytime and nighttime cycle in this game make for an interesting dynamic, although it won’t shock too many players either. The biggest addition is while using VR controllers, being able to rest your arm in a proper position and drive straight forever. It is perhaps a  game-breaking element, but it also makes everything feel a bit more comfortable.

It is evident this game is not designed to be played seriously whatsoever. Having the option to let friends tag along while you drive and hang out in this bus-like environment is pretty engaging. Moreover, it is a free game, which means there is no reason not to pick it up right now. Desert Bus VR is one of those odd games which will always be successful, although no one knows why exactly. We have a ton of fun with it, and you will as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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