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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Review – A Great Party Game in VR

Virtual reality allows players to enjoy some games they would never get to enjoy otherwise. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has become somewhat of a cult hit, even though it existed well before virtual reality ever became a mainstream technology trend. The object of the game sounds pretty easy to complete, but you will be literally sweating gallons by the time your bombs are defused. It is a pretty good game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and is currently discounted on Steam for $5.99.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes…. or Will They?

The concept of this popular game is pretty straightforward: defuse the bomb in front of you in a successful manner. It is a lot easier to do in virtual reality compared to the real world, but that doesn’t mean one should underestimate this game whatsoever. Unlike what you might expect, you are not alone in this game whatsoever. Instead, you can play the game with family or friends, and it is better to have people helping you through the process.

While the first bomb may seem pretty easy to complete, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly. Defusing bombs is not easy by any means, nor should anyone expect it to be whatsoever. The graphics of this game are borderline horrible, though, despite them being pretty functional. Having a manual on hand to defuse the bombs certainly helps to identify which components you need to pay attention to. Thankfully, the graphics of the manual is pretty easy to read and doesn’t suffer from horrible graphics whatsoever.

The atmosphere of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes certainly sets the tone for what to expect from this game moving forward. The immersive aspect of the game tricks your brain into believing you are, in fact, defusing an actual bomb and people will die if you fail. As the bombs get more complicated, so will the number of the steps you need to take in order to successfully defuse it. There is a lot more to this game than just “cut wire A”. It is a great game to play with friends, as you can create some very difficult “custom” challenges for others to solve.

It is a great introductory game for novice VR users. However, the game is not the best representative of what VR is capable of either. The graphics are annoying, and if you can’t play this game with friends or family, there is very little point in picking it up in the first place. We need more party-oriented games for VR to ensure more people get excited about this technology.This is certainly a good game to experience VR with friends, as it is something you can pick up and put down whenever you grow tired of it.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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