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Giant Cop: Justice Above All Review – Hours and Hours of fun and Variation

More and more existing games are adding VR support. This is a great way to bring some more positive attention to virtual reality gaming as a whole. Giant Cop: Justice Above All is originally a PC game, but now has built-in VR support as well. Owners of the Vive and Rift can reap the benefits of VR support. Do keep in mind you will need a lot of room to move around in. That said, it has a lot of content to go through, which is a welcome change of pace.

Giant Cop: Justice Above All Has Lots of Humor

Most players don’t expect much from a VR game. First of all, it needs a lot of content, which this game certainly provides. Secondly, it needs a good concept and some fun elements. Double check for this game as well. Giant Cop: Justice Above All puts the player in the position of a giant – and we mean GIANT – police cop trying to maintain order in Micro City. It is an effective virtual playground for anyone who wants to lay down the law.

The story missions alone in this game take up several hours to complete and offer  a nice variety of objectives. During your playthrough, you will also collect badges and interact with different objects. Everything about the game looks as if it was taken out of a TV show airing in the 1970s. That is done in a good way, mind you, as the graphics in this game are some of the better ones we have seen lately.

Perhaps the main selling point of Giant Cop: Justice Above All is its sense of humor. We laughed out loud more often than not while playing missions, collecting objects, or noticing some of the pop-culture references. It all starts with you picking up your cop glasses from a vending machine. It doesn’t get much better than that to introduce players to their new game environment. Not all games need to take themselves too seriously, and this one certainly doesn’t.

It doesn’t happen often we see a game with so much variety and things to do outside of the main story line. Giant Cop: Justice Above All is one of the more feature-rich games to date and is more than worth its price. Micro City is a place most of us wouldn’t mind living in, although we might not need a giant cop looming overhead. The game is well-suited for both families and individuals looking to have a good time. It is expected a PlayStation VR release of this game will come out soon, but no release date has been announced at this time.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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