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Mortal Blitz Review – An Arcade Shooter for PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR owners have no shortage of games to choose from, Due to this vast plethora of offerings, it becomes hard to keep tabs on all titles with checking out. The expectations for Mortal Blitz were pretty high on our end, but it you have to take the good with the bad in this regard. The campaign itself is incredibly fun but woefully short. It also seems the concept is pretty much cut short as well, which is not  a good sign.

Mortal Blitz Is a Mix of Good and bad

While there are certainly elements about Mortal Blitz we appreciate tremendously, there are also some downsides which leaves you wondering whether or not you missed something during the playthrough. More specifically, the game feels like some of its content has been ripped out completely, which takes away a lot of the brownie points the game scores due to its similarities with TIme Crisis. Then again, there aren’t that many FPD games on the PlayStation VR right now, and Mortal Blitz certainly has something to offer.

Do keep in mind you will be done with the game in two hours or less. That is something one needs to keep in mind at all times when contemplating whether or not to purchase the game. That said, the time you get to play is both enjoyable and shows some of the strengths of VR immersion for this genre. It has a lot of similarities with good old arcade shooters, which certainly scores some points in our book.Younger gamers may have no idea what we are talking about, but that’s just fine.

The environment is futuristic and filled with aliens to shoot at. You will be shooting lots of those with the two Move controllers, as you dual wield weapons in this game. There is also an element of exercise involved though. Players need to duck behind cover and lean to the left or right to target enemies while remaining safe from harm. It is evident you will need some space to play the game properly, as it is one of the few games we don’t recommend sitting down for. There is also an option to use DS4 gamepads if you prefer which is a nice touch.

Overall, Mortal Blitz offers some challenging gameplay, despite being rather short. The graphics feel decent enough, but a bit more effort could have put in. Enemy AI is virtually the same for all opponents, which is a bit of a letdown. There are a few guns to choose from as well and grenades are at your disposal too. It is an enjoyable game, but it feels like there will be future content or DLC of some sort. A valiant first effort by the developer sin a genre that is often overlooked on PlayStation VR. We eagerly await more content from Skonec Entertainment, as this game is a lot of fun.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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