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Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies Review – A Generic Wave Shooter at Best

Creating a fun and engaging virtual reality game is no easy feat. Developers often have to rely on traditional concepts as inspiration for their next creation Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies sounds a lot more fun than the game really is. It is a solid VR wave shooter, mind you, but it is not necessarily a game that stands out in the genre. The idea is still cool and somewhat refreshing, and owners of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift may want to pick it up regardless.

Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies is an OK Game

It has to be said, any game with zombies in them is either very good or horrible. It doesn’t appear there is any middle ground in this department. Given the vast amount of FPS games involved zombies already, it is good to see this project add some vampires to the mix as well. The game looks pretty fun and has some exciting moments to it. Don’t pick it up for the background story, though, as there is none whatsoever.

The main objective of Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies is to kill whatever enemy the game puts in your path. In this case, there is no discrimination, as you take on zombies, vampires, rabid dogs, and other creatures in wave after wave of gory fun. There is only one weapon in the game, which isn’t  a let down per se, but it gets incredibly repetitive, to say the least. Then again, not having a cumbersome weapons system is a bonus as well these days.

Having a game such as this with an unlimited amount of ammunition – arrows, in this case –  is quite fun to play. It certainly helps to keep things immersive, even though you as a player will not move around much either. Plus, you don’t even need to draw the arrows, as everything is taken care of automatically. Simply point and kill, it really is that simple. This gameplay mechanic works quite well but becomes a bit boring after an hour or two of playing Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies.

With two game modes to choose from, the replay value of this game heavily depends on what type of player you are. The campaign can be completed once and forgotten about later on. The Survival mode is just wave after wave of enemies, with the associated repetitiveness.  It’s not the best game we have seen, nor is it the worst. Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies is a mediocre game with some fun elements but nothing non-generic. For a simple game mechanic, it does everything extremely well. Players looking for more engaging content will have to look elsewhere, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.