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Rangi Review – The Best VR Puzzle Game to Date

Puzzle games lend themselves perfectly to virtual reality. Interestingly enough, we don’t see nearly as many games in this genre as one would expect. Rangi, a game available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, aims to change all of that. Not only is it one of the most soothing experiences altogether, but the game creates its own identity as well. Rangi started out as a mobile VR game, but the PC version has some nice upgrades. We certainly had a good time playing it.

Rangi is how VR Puzzle Games Need to be Done

There is always a sense of trepidation when a mobile VR title lands on a more powerful system. Other than some visual upgrades – if any – there is very little else to offer. However, as far as Rangi is concerned, one wouldn’t necessarily assume it is a ported game to begin with. The look and feel may appear basic at first, but it also creates a serene and calming environment. There are plenty of vivid colors to feast your eyes on, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It is pleasing to the eye and soul, which is something very few VR games have achieved so far.

Another thing that sets Rangi apart is how it is neither easy nor overly difficult. Somehow, the developers struck a nice chord between child’s play and mentally challenging puzzles. This is very difficult o achieve, but the game has no annoying difficulty curve whatsoever, The developer deserves a lot of praise for this great alone. In fact, the first few puzzles may seem easy, but then gets a bit more intense later on. Players get used to the motion controls during the first handful of challenges, after which they have to fend for themselves. Do keep in mind most solutions are variants of the same method, which is mixing different colors to line up properly.

It is good to see a relaxing puzzle game for virtual reality headsets. Although we o like fast-paced action as well, Rangi is a game one would just put on to escape the current reality and find your inner peace. That is a very powerful aspect for a game most people would readily overlook or never know it existed in the first place. At the same time, some parts of the game require a lot of speed and quick movements, but the change of pace is nice, rather than annoying or cumbersome. All things considered, a very well-done game which suits our demands just fine.

Rangi is one of those games people need to pick up and experience for themselves. Any review of this game doesn’t do it justice. It oozes serenity and challenge at the same time. The graphics are fun to look at and the puzzles never get boring. It isn’t necessarily a game with much replay value, but it’s not something players will regret buying either. Rangi is how puzzle games should be done in VR. The next step is to push out even longer games with a similar atmosphere.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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