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Honor and Duty Review – A Mediocre Budget Shooter

PlayStation VR owners seem to get a lot more gaming titles at their disposal compared to other platforms. Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition is another example of such a game being released exclusively for the PS VR, although it is possible we will see it on other platforms as well. For the price of $7.99, we get a budget shooter in every meaning.

Honor and Duty is a Budget Title and it Shows

For those unaware, Honor and Duty is a game which has been around since 2016. At that time, the developers had no intention of enabling VR support, and they might have been better off not pursuing this option in the end. Although the developers patched a lot of initial issues found in the game, there is still plenty of room for future improvements.

Players have two different control options, as Honor and Duty supports both the DS4 and Aim controllers. It seems the Aim controller seems to work a lot better, although your mileage may vary. Your objective is to kill enemies – almost in Serious Sam style – and progressing through the levels. There are a few single player missions to choose from, each with its own options to enhance the overall experience.

In the visual department, Honor and Duty falls a bit short in our opinion. The visuals are simply unappealing, although it does allow for more enemy NPCs to be shown on the screen. Whether or not this is a trade-off people are happy with, remains to be seen. The terrains are flat and uninspiring, as are most of the buildings it feels like a budget title, mainly because it is one. Even so, we still get 40 levels of single player content, which is more than acceptable.

There’s also a multiplayer option, although it’s not exactly a fun occasion. With players being pitted 5v5, there needs to be a substantial player base to sustain it. It is not the best online shooter experience, but it can be somewhat fun once you get the hang of it. With the developers introducing patches, fixes, and some minor updates now and then, this title can effectively become a lot better in the future. For now, there are better options out there.

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