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Innocent VR Review – Game-breaking Bugs Ruin the Puzzling Fun

In the world of VR gaming, there is a growing collection of titles to choose from. Although the overall quality is improving, some games simply remain sub-par. Luckily, Innocent VR is one of the more intriguing puzzle games,  even though it does tend to fall short in a few key areas. Owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can pick this game up for $9.99.

Innocent VR Struggles to Deliver

When it comes to VR puzzle games, we have seen some enjoyable titles and others that are simply horrible. Innocent VR falls in between these two categories, as the original premise is exciting, yet the game is held back in many different ways. The bugs one will encounter while playing this game will need to be addressed pretty soon or the project will lose all of its appeal fairly soon.

Although we had to admit Innocent VR looks pretty good in terms of visuals, the underpinning mechanics are wonky and borderline frustrating. Fixed teleportation is nothing new in the VR gaming industry, and the developers did a semi-decent job with it. Something about it does feel off more often than not, although that mainly has to do with how this teleportation works in conjunction with the game’s storyline.

While the game advertises itself as roomscale, Innocent VR is a bit hit-and-miss in this regard. A large enough space is more than warranted for this game, as the specifications outlined by the developers seem inadequate. It is evident something needs to be done in this regard, as a lot of players will simply ask for a refund otherwise. There is no fun to be had when trying to solve a puzzle outside of your play area which you cannot reach in the real world.

On the puzzle front, it feels some of the mechanics are too easy even for novice users. While it is not boring by any means, there is no real sense of achievement either. If the developers can fix their game, Innocent VR will be given another chance in our library. Until then, it will collect virtual dust, as there is no reason to give this a try in its current form.

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