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Just in Time Incorproated Review – A Disappointingly Short VR Game

There is no shortage of amusing and intriguing ideas in the world of virtual reality. Developers are coming up with some strange idea, is yet not all of them will succeed. Just in Time Incorporated is a VR game with a lot of potential, but it is held back by a lack of depth. The game is available on the HTC Vive, yet may become available on other platforms as well.

Just in Time Incorporated Could Have Been so Much More

The concept of this particular VR game is quite interesting. Players have to land a job at Death Prevention Insurance. Your objective is to ensure customers don’t die, which sounds a lot simpler than it really is. You will also get a few tools at your disposal, including the Hyper-Gloves to slow down time or speed up the movements. As the game progresses, you get more objectives to fulfill, all of which will become more difficult over time.

More specifically, objectives fall into three difficulty areas. Once your brief training is over, it is up to you to keep people same from harm. There is no linear approach, allowing players to go to any level they like. However, the difficulty settings can only be unlocked by completing more objectives. It is a mix of linear gameplay and free roaming, but it works quite well for this type of game. After all, players would give up after playing the highest difficulty immediately.

On paper, Just in Time Incorporated could have been an excellent game. It certainly has a lot of fun elements, but repetition sets in pretty quickly, to say the least. That is a pretty common downside among virtual reality games, unfortunately. The collectibles to pick up offer a small change of pace, but there aren’t that many to collect in the first place.

To make matters worse, Just in Time Incorporated is a very, very short game. There is very little in-depth gameplay and no real story to take into account. It feels more like an extended demo rather than a proper game, which is a big disappointment. After 60 minutes of playing, you will complete all missions or be completely fed up with the repetitive gameplay. It has fun elements, but there is no reason to pick the game up again after finishing it. This game definitely needs more content to make it more viable, that much is evident.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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