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Kartong – Death by Cardboard Review – Extremely Enjoyable Gloomy Atmosphere

Unique concepts are not that difficult to come by in the world of VR gaming. Kartong – Death By Cardboard is definitely a unique puzzling game with a fair few horror elements. There are even some first-person shooter elements involved as well. The game is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at the price of $13.99.

A Nice Blend of Different Game Types

In most cases, mixing and matching different game types does not leave us too impressed. Kartong – Death by Cardboard is an interesting exception in this regard. You have to escape the cardboard world by solving puzzles, shooting enemies, and dealing with all of the horrifying developments taking place around you.

One thing the game does well is offer virtually no handholding whatsoever. That is a good thing in this game, as it is all about exploration and finding your own way. Since nothing about this game is extremely difficult or illogical, the game points itself out pretty quickly. With a few different weapons to choose from – nailguns are just awesome – blasting enemies to smithereens becomes quite enjoyable.

Speaking of your enemies, they virtually run the levels. With each level being randomly generated, there’s a unique feeling every single time, even when playing through the game for a second or third time. Other than enemies, you also need to be aware of traps, dead ends, and other fun aspects found throughout the game.

Although some aspects about the game may feel a bit repetitive, Kartong – Death by Cardboard is an overall excellent game. The twisted fantasy world is both charming and scary at the same time, a feeling that lasts from beginning to end. Definitely worth picking up if you have $14 to spare, as this game is well worth the price.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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