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Time Carnage Review – An Absolute Blast Despite Being a Wave Shooter

Although a game by the name of Time Carnage doesn’t necessarily sound unique, the gameplay is rather surprising. Although this is another wave shooter for VR, Time Carnage has a nice blend of different eras, exciting gameplay, and just plenty of fun. Time Carnage is available on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR for $17.99.

Time Carnage is a Blast Despite Some Flaws

Unlike most other VR wave shooters, Time Carnage actually has a lot of content. It is a pleasant surprise to play a campaign mode and unlock different challenges to complete. On the weapons front, there are over a dozen options, which only makes the game more appealing. It is advised to play through the campaign mode first to unlock everything, though, but that is something most players would do regardless.

One unique aspect about Time Carnage is how it spans different time periods. Ranging from dinosaurs to zombies and everything in between, it needs to be killed as soon as possible. This also highlights a smaller drawback of the game, as you will feel like repeating the same thing over and over again despite the different setting This is native to wave shooters, unfortunately, and a feeling one can’t shake even in this game.

Shooting your way through the levels will require some planning and strategy. With no ammo reloads to speak of, managing your hailstorm is of the utmost important. There are four different weapons to cycle through each level, which certainly allows for some customization. It works quite well once you get used to it. Plus, there’s’ a shield capable of absorbing damage, which will come in quite handy.

There isn’t much to dislike about Time Carnage. Its visuals are pleasing, the audio works quite well, and there are a lot of different themes. Unfortunately, it is still a wave shooter, a genre most people are fed up with due to the sheer number of games in this category. However, Time Carnage offers a different take on things and one that is certainly worth the money.

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