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Neon Seoul: Outrun Review – A Great Arcade Game for Oculus Rift

Cyberpunk fans among us will certainly look forward to playing Neon Seoul: Outrun in VR. It depicts a future in which AI has become the new God and a rebellion is forming. Putting all of this into a virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift is pretty significant. The game is certainly worth picking up too for under $10, as it has a lot to offer. At the same time, the complete lack of a background story might annoy some players. It is mainly designed to be an arcade game with a ton of replayability, though.

Neon Seoul: Outrun Checks the Right Boxes

From the outset, Neon Seoul: Outrun looks absolutely amazing. It has very fast gameplay, controls even a three-year-old can pick up with relative ease, and a soundtrack that will get you in the mood to keep on playing for some to come. As the game somewhat suggests by looking a tits trailer, this is more of an arcade game rather than a story-driven experience. That is not a bad thing per se, mind you, as it certainly works well for this type of game.

Your objective is to beat the oppressive AI which has taken over the world. As an OutRunner, you drive a hoverbike most of us will only be able to dream of. As you move through Neon Seoul, your goal is to avoid obstacles, make sure to stay ahead of the cops and set new high scores while doing so. All of this is presented in a retro arcade setting which just clicks. It is evident the Neon Seoul: Outrun team has done a great job in this regard, even though the game is still in early access right now.

A game like this will stand or fall based on how annoying its controls are. Thankfully, Neon Seoul: Outrun plays like a dream and it is incredibly easy to pick up. In fact, you don’t even need your hands or any controllers, which is rather interesting. Leaning left and right will allow you to steer the hoverbike, and moving backward or forward will either brake or accelerate. It’s all pretty easy, yet done in an exquisite manner. ┬áIt feels great driving a hoverbike this way, even though you can’t customize the bike itself all that much, unfortunately.

For a game with only two game modes, there is still plenty of content. One mode challenged you to survive as long as possible to score points, whereas the casual mode is all about learning the basics and “chilling” a bit more. It is evident there are still improvements to come for Neon Seoul: Outrun, but for now, the game offers a lot of fun already. For an early access game at this price point, we can only be excited about what else the developers can come up with.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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