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No Heroes Allowed! VR Review – An Expensive but Hilarious Game

There are some VR games which look absolutely promising by just looking at the trailer itself. No Heroes Allowed! VR is a game that goes us excited well before it even released on the PlayStation VR. This game genre goes back all the way to the PSP days and even has a PlayStation Vita release as well. This first venture into VR is pretty promising overall, although it also comes at a pretty high price. Then again, that is what one would expect from a proper VR game with plenty of content to enjoy.

No Heroes Allowed! VR is Amazing

It doesn’t happen all that often we are rather enthusiastic about a virtual reality game. Given the vast amount of junk we have come across these past few months, there is usually a good reason to be cautiously optimistic at best. In the case of No Heroes Allowed! VR however, that situation is very different. The initial price tag may scare off some people, but fans of the genre must play this VR version as quickly as possible.

No Heroes Allowed! VR catapults players into a fantasy world featuring its own unique villain. Your job is to control the world, with strategic challenges which await your attention. Everything is presented in a top-down manner a la Civilization games, which does the job quite well as far as this game is concerned. The first 30 minutes of the game are spent completing various tutorials which inform you about the game world and how you are expected to interact with it. No Heroes Allowed! VR lets you play with a DualShock 4 controller, which is a lot easier compared to the proprietary move controllers.

As one would somewhat expect, the main objective is to gather up a bunch of chaotic creatures and ensure they can beat the good guys. In most cases, those roles would be reversed, but it feels good to be the bad guy now and then. There are 156 levels to play through, each with its own “end boss” to defeat. Players will gain experience during their battles and also receive a “completion rank”. There is a high degree of replay value as far as this game is concerned, assuming one is into that kind of thing, to begin with.

All in all, the content provided by No Heroes Allowed! VR lasts for around six hours. Add a few replayable missions on top of that, and it can easily be stretched to 10 hours. From a VR gaming perspective, that is far more compared to any other game without a multiplayer modus. The game itself is incredibly satisfying and presented in an appealing manner. Plus, the humor is well worth paying attention to as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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