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Radial-G: Racing Revolved Review – A Borderline Boring Racing Game for PlayStation VR

Racing games can do pretty well in virtual reality, assuming developers find  away to counter simulator sickness from day one. When this racing goes into a zero-gravity environment, we always hold our breath to see how our bodies respond to this environment. Radial-G: Racing Revolved for the PlayStation VR is an interesting concept, although the game feels mediocre at best.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved Isn’t Entirely Satisfying

When a racing game takes place in zero-G, one would expect some form of  a challenge. That challenge is not exactly present in this particular game, which makes some of the experiences borderline boring. While you still fly around tracks at very high speeds, there is no reason to provide the game with much input. It all feels like a racing simulator which holds the wheel and pushes the buttons for you on multiple occasions.  All things considered, not the best approach for a racing game whatsoever.

Considering how this game is available on PlayStation VR, we had some high expectations. While you don’t need a Move controller per se, it may be fun playing the game with these VR controllers to see if it is much different. In our test, the difference was very minimal at best. Again, the lack of  a real challenge in this game makes Radial-G: Racing Revolved a lot less fun than most people would like it to be. The fact you will win races without even trying to is pretty disappointing.

The visuals of the game are decent, but nothing groundbreaking either.You only see a few meters in every direction at any given due to the nature of these tracks. Still, you hardly ever feel in control as it seems someone else is doing all of the hard work on your behalf. The layout of the tracks also incurs heavy simulator sickness in some of our friends who played the game, which is anything but pleasant. The lurches and twists you make can have that effect on anyone, unfortunately.

Do keep in mind Radial G: Racing Revolved has a non-VR mode too, which is actually a bit more enjoyable. At least you get to change the camera settings a bit, but that is about it. Although the game has a full campaign and unlockable content, it feels like something is severely missing. The racing is almost boring and the tracks offer very little variation. It feels as if a part of the game is missing right now, which the developers will hopefully address at some point

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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