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Seabed Prelude Review – An Original Idea Bogged Down by Flaws and Frustration

When scouring the web for cheap VR games, you often come across some bargains worth checking out. We felt Seabed prelude has something to offer to the gaming world, albeit that expectation has to be altered after spending an hour of playing the game. While it is a unique concept, it doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s play style. HTC Vive users may want to check it out, considering it only costs US$8.

Seabed Prelude is Unique but not for Everyone

As a game developer, it is very difficult to please a large group of gamers with different expectations. This is especially true when you come up with a rather unique game people will either hate or love. In the case of Seabed Prelude, the hate factor is definitely stronger in our opinion. On the outset, the game focuses on mixing steampunk elements with music. It sounds like something that should work perfectly, but there are some quirks to take into account.

From a gameplay perspective, Seabed Prelude is very simple. Players select one of the many different songs and set off in their submarine toward a pattern of exploding mines. These mines relate to the musical pattern of the song selected by the player. Many people will feel it is a bit like playing Guitar Hero, although things are slightly different in that regard. Completing song feels somewhat satisfying, albeit it is not the type of gameplay most people would expect from Seabed Prelude.

Unfortunately, there are some frustrating elements as well. More specifically, messing up one note will screw the player over pretty badly, which is anything but fun. Players need to play every note in sequence or fail the objective completely. While the difficulty setting can be adjusted, the experience is either borderline boring or incredibly frustrating. There is no fine line between the two, which only adds to the frustration of this game. A missed opportunity in our book, to say the least.

Despite excellent graphics and overall design, the gameplay is not to our liking at all. Even though the drone exploration element is quite promising, it can’t make up for the other frustrating bits we experienced during our gameplay. Moreover, once you have played a drone segment, the next one will feel like a boring task. Not to mention the performance issues one can experience while playing the game. It is evident there is a lot of polishing to be done in the future, as the game feels unpolished more often than not.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.