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Robo Recall Review – a Top-notch Action Game for the Oculus Rift

Most gaming enthusiasts will be familiar with the publisher name Epic Games. This company has brought us quite a few interesting games over the past few years. The company is also active in the world of VR games, with Robo Recall being one of their biggest titles. The game is available for the Oculus Rift and comes at a price of $29.99. Overall, it is one of the best games we have played in virtual reality. It’s also a  great game to show the Rift’s full potential, which very few games seem to actively utilize.

Robo Recall is an Excellent Action Game

As one would expect from a game such as Robo Recall, it is all about the action. Rest assured there is more combat in this movie than in some action movies, although you will fight robots rather than humans. All of the action comes in the form of a solo campaign with different game modes spread out through the levels themselves. As long as you kill everything along your path, the way you handle the game doesn’t matter all that much. With hundreds of robots to destroy – with weapons or simply with your hands – there’s plenty of room to work out some of this pent-up frustrations.

The gaming mode themselves offer sufficient variation as well. Some levels focus on destroying objects, whereas others ask you to collect “samples” of your opponents. There’s also the wave-shooting “Defend” mode, which is a lot more fun than we had expected. Add in some boss fights along the way, and you quickly see why Robo Recall is such a fun game. There is never a dull moment and the action feels pretty natural. You will need two Touch Controllers and at least two sensors to play this game, though.

Weapons of choice range from a pistol to a shotgun, and a laser rifle. Every weapon has its own set of upgrades, which allows players to customize their play style a bit. Upgrading weapons is done by collecting stars for completing levels. It is an interesting reliability factor, as you always want to see how other upgrades would have worked out. There are also some “side objectives” to keep track of, which make Robo Recall even more enjoyable than it already was. Plus, the visuals in Robo Recall are off the shelf, as they are by far the most impressive for this type of game to date.

Although some people may dislike the fact there’s no multiplayer, Robo Recall doesn’t need it whatsoever. For the price, you get hours of enjoyment and fast-paced content. Granted, an online component for this type of gameplay would be fun to see, but that may arrive in future games released by these developers. It’s well worth picking up, especially if you can knock a few dollars off the normal price.  we had a lot of fun playing Robo Recall and we are certain your experience will be very similar.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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