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VR The Diner Duo Review – Great Solo and Co-op VR Cooking Simulator

With the Christmas holidays officially starting, plenty of people will look for a fun and enjoyable R game. Although there are plenty of those in different categories, VR The Diner Duo is an option worth looking into as well. Although it is not a perfect game, there is plenty of content for PlayStation VR users to enjoy. Especially at the price of $14.99, there is a lot of fun to be had. Multitasking and making burgers in VR is a lot harder than one would think.

VR The Diner Duo is Charming in its own way

Not every VR headset owner wants to flip burgers, either in virtual reality or real life. However, there is something about such an experience that will attract a lot of positive attention as well. More specifically, the developers of VR The Diner Duo have done a great job at making the concept of multitasking and making hamburgers incredibly enjoyable. That is, assuming you can handle all of the stress that goes along with it. It is another “cooking simulator” game, which is quickly becoming one of the more popular VR gaming industries altogether.

There’s a decent amount of single-player content to be had in VR The Diner Duo. Make sure you own two Move controllers, though, as you can’t play the game otherwise, for now. Picking up items, setting plates, and organizing buns are some of the simpler tasks you will have to perform. Adding toppings on top of the burgers starts off easy enough, but it becomes a lot harder than most people would imagine. You are also tasked with grilling fish and mushroom, all the while keeping up with your other tasks.

Although the initial version of VR The Diner Duo had some calibration issues, the developers sorted out most of the problems thanks to a new patch. At the same time, it will always remain difficult to get everything set up to your liking and being able to manage all tasks successfully. That is part of the charm of games like these, as they aren’t designed to be a walk in the park whatsoever. All in all, it is still great fun and we didn’t encounter any game breaking issues.

The graphics in VR The Diner Duo look like a cartoon, which is similar to other games in the genre. It works quite well, although it might become a bit boring for people after a while. There’s also a local co-op mode in this game, which lets you play with friends. Anyone who isn’t into this type of games will not take a liking to VR The Diner Duo either, mind you, but it’s certainly a fun experience altogether. While the campaign only lasts 30 minutes, it does offer unlockable outfits, different difficulties, and multiple gaming modes. Well worth picking up as a family game for the holidays!

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