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Rock Band VR Review – Difficulty to Justify the Price of Purchase

Fans of the Rock Band franchise will be pleased to hear there is a virtual reality port of this game as well. In fact, it is a bit more than just a port, as the developers introduced some welcome changes. It is a very different take on the usual formula, but it just clicks in every possible way. Rock Band VR is a great game for owners of the Oculus Rift, although the price tag of $49.99 is pretty steep.

Rock Band VR is Good but Stupidly Expensive

One of the problems Rock Band VR will face is who they are trying to cater to exactly People who played a previous version of Rock Band and bought all the gear will not necessarily pay another $49.99 for this new title. Anyone else who doesn’t have the game or never played it won’t spend that amount of money either. It is a bit of an awkward position for a game that certainly improves upon the genre itself. Music-oriented games like these were seemingly made for VR, that much is evident.

Leaving these issues aside for a moment, Rock Band VR is not an average virtual reality port of an existing game. It is certainly similar to the other games in many ways, but it’s also entirely different. To play this game, you need the Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers, as well as a Rock Band guitar. This latter part is a bit problematic, as the guitars are not cheap by any means. In exchange for your money, you will get a realistic band experience that is pretty much unrivaled.

Among the functionality is the option to look around at bandmates, move across the stage, and entertain the audience properly. Going for high scores is still possible, but it’s all about letting go and have a good time. This surely remains the grinding aspect of the previous titles in this genre, although it’s still important to hit the proper notes at the right time. Plus, players can switch up the difficulty setting if they like, although it doesn’t do much other than altering the end score.

The Story Mode of Rock Band VR is the main attraction of the game. You play different setlists across venues, but they all seem pretty much alike. It is a good addition to the game, although nothing that is really memorable either. Having fun in this game is not difficult, but it will hinge on whether or not you like the songs. With Rock Band R, the track selection is pretty good, although wonky choices will always remain. For the price of $49.99, it will be rather difficult to convince Oculus owners to pick this game up.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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