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Regenesis Arcade Deluxe Review – Good Enough but Nothing Memorable

Whenever a new VR game comes to market, the first thing people notice is the title. Regenesis Arcade Deluxe is quite the mouthful, but it’s also a rather interesting game. There is definitely a good market for arcade games in the VR world. This particular game is available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets at a price of $9.99.

Regenesis Arcade Deluxe is a Decent Attempt

It is well worth noting right off the bat how this game has no gripping background story, This is not necessarily a big miss, as the game is advertised as an arcade-like experience first and foremost. Few people ever played Donkey Kong in an arcade hall because of the gripping story. This particular game, while a very different type of genre, doesn’t need much of a story either. It is a wave shooter first and foremost and should be treated as such.

While the graphics are not the best either, the overall experience is quite fun. There are quite a few different enemy types to defeat. Every new wave means a slightly higher difficulty curve, and your death will become inevitable sooner or later. Since there is no story mode or long tutorial to explore, the shooting can begin in earnest right away. The game is easy to pick up and makes for an overall great experience.

Your choice of weaponry includes a rail gun, submachine gun, and even a shotgun. Dual wielding these weapons is also possible, which is quite fun to try out. Those who prefer a more traditional approach can use a gun and shield combination instead. It’s well worth trying out all kinds of combinations, especially when it comes to the boss fights at the end of every level. Sadly, the fights themselves grow very repetitive after a while, which is to be expected from this type of game.

Thankfully, the enemy AI is far more advanced compared to most wave shooters. It’s a positive sign for the genre. All in all, Regenesis Arcade Deluxe offers a lot of bang for the buck if you’re into this type of game. Do not expect great audio or visuals, though, as you will be rather disappointed. With six levels available – although three original and three recolored ones – ┬áthere is enough content to keep you going. For the price, players get sufficient content to keep them occupied for a while. That is, assuming you won’t get frustrated about the teleportation locomotion.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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