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Sneaky Bears Review – Poor Execution and No Motivation to Finish the Game

Sneaky Bears sounds like a fun title for PlayStation VR owners. The concept of stuffed bears wielding weapons and shoot you sounds like a big hit. Unfortunately, the game has to deal with a lot of shortcomings which make it far less fun than it should be. It feels like a missed opportunity, to say the least. Moreover, anyone who opposes the idea of shooting stuffed bears needs to pass up on this game for obvious reasons.

Sneaky Bears Could Have Been so Much More

Although we hate to repeat ourselves, Sneaky Bears is yet another VR game with underutilized potential. The player dual wields guns, which means they also need two Move controllers. Every level has its own set of weapons and you can keep firing until you run out of ammo. There is no reloading mechanic, but you can swap weapons during the level. It is quite an easy mechanic, and one of the few things this game does rather well. Unlimited ammo in a wave shooter sounds a bit counterproductive, though, to say the least.

Right now, there are three levels, each of which has five stages. Every level revolves around shooting teddy bears as best as possible without taking [too much] damage. There are different game modes, including Survival, Fire, and Bomb. None of these modes or in-game levels provide much of a challenge whatsoever, though, albeit the final level is a bit more difficult compared to the rest. It is a mobile game brought to mainstream VR headsets, which doesn’t offer too many improvements whatsoever.

In fact, all the game levels look nearly the same, including the boss fight. The audio is absolutely horrible as well, as it feels tinny at best. None of the enemies are even remotely impressive or worth remembering either. Most of the jokes get boring as well after some time and some of them are just outright bad. It’s definitely a game you will either love or hate, but there is no in between whatsoever. Unfortunately for us, we fall on the hate spectrum of the chart as far as Sneaky Bears is concerned.

These are not the only problems the game has, mind you. There is a linear “plan” for all levels, which makes things even more cumbersome. There is also a camera bug which is annoying and prevents you from grabbing weapons or tracking enemies. Additionally, it is by far one of the worst wave shooter games we have seen on the PlayStation VR so far. There is no reason to finish the game or even play it to begin with. For the price of $19.99, your best option is to wait for a deep sale before even considering Sneaky Bears.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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