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Blasters of the Universe Review – Finally a VR Wave Shooter Done Right

A frustrating VR game can be either very disappointing or quite addictive. Thankfully, Blasters of the Universe on the HTC Vive falls into that latter category. This is anything but an easy game, but it is so engaging you won’t give up that easily.Although this the umpteenth VR wave shooter to be released in recent months, the game has some peculiar concepts. The retro theme, humor, and vast selection of weaponry will keep players coming back for some time, to say the least.

Blasters of the Universe is our Kind of Wave Shooter

It has to be said, most wave shooters for virtual reality are utterly disappointing. So far, we have seen less than a handful of exceptions in this regard. Blasters of the Universe luckily falls into this category, as it has a storyline to back up the gameplay. It is a welcome change of pace, to say the least. The main focus is still battling against waves of enemies, though, but it is presented in a much more enjoyable context. Plus, the retro graphics help a lot as well in this regard.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer dual wielding, but you won’t have time to miss it by any means. That is as far as the campaign is concerned, at least. The Challenge mode is a bit different, although it is not dual wielding in the traditional sense. Either way, the guns at your disposal are quite varied and each of them feels unique. You can even customize the gun to your liking, which shows the developers have made some right choices along the way. You still need to unlock parts, but at least it feels rewarding for doing so. Other games in this genre hardly provide any added value in this regard.

Do keep in mind Blasters of the Universe is not an easy game a three-year-old will play.Prepare to die a few dozen times, each time slightly more frustrating than the last. Contrary to what one would expect, these deaths make you want to beat the levels even more. It is all about going back to the drawing board, learning from your mistakes, and tinkering with your gun a bit more. There is no right or wrong approach to these levels, although you have to make decisions at the beginning of each level. That is also the only way you can make modifications.

Moreover, you will have to bust out some proper moves to stay alive in the game. It is good to see wave shooters like this track player movement as accurately as possible. Even then, your challenges will not be conquered that easily, which is exactly what we expect from a proper VR game. Blasters of the Universe is an example of how VR wave shooters need to look and feel. Other game developers can certainly learn some valuable lessons from this game. It is highly recommended, even though your family may not appreciate the amount of cuss words spewing from your mouth.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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