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Snow Fortress Review – Great Casual Single Player Experience

With the Winter almost upon us, it is evident we need some VR games to get in the right mood. Snow Fortress is one of those games that simply looks fun and puts you in the right Winter mood at the same time. The game is available for PlayStation VR and comes at the price of $14.99. You will need two Move controller to play this game, as there is no Dualshock 4 support.

Snow Fortress is a Great way to Kill Spare Time

People who are looking for a massive single player campaign followed by online battles need to pass up on Snow Fortress. This is mainly due to the absolute lack of a multiplayer option, but that doesn’t make it less appealing to casual gamers who own a PS VR headset. We certainly don’t mind a casual game now and then, especially not one that is as fun and difficult as Snow Fortress. Unfortunately, there is one big flaw in this game which will cause a lot of frustration along the way.

The Move controller-based position tracker in Snow Fortress is a hit-and-miss. More specifically, it works great for the most part, but it certainly lacks in other parts When you don’t deal with issues, throwing snowballs is an absolute blast. Your aim will degrade over time, though, especially when the difficulty ramps up and position tracking is all but non-existent at times. Using the weapons at your disposal to fling snowballs does help things along nicely, though.

The visuals in Snow Fortress are not exquisite, but they do the job just fine. Everything has a cartoon feel to it, which suits us just fine. The audio is just fine as well, although nothing spectacular either. For a casual game, it more than does the job, that much is certain. During the game, you will complete several missions in snowy landscapes. Different game modes can be explored, with some being far more challenging than others. However, the difficulty curve shouldn’t be underestimated in any game mode, as you will get your butt handed to you at one point or another.

Although the lack of multiplayer is a big miss, it is also understandable why the developers never introduced it. More specifically, throwing snowballs in VR multiplayer sounds like a lot of fun. However, it would also require a very different set of physics to accommodate these changes. For now, we have to deal with a 20-mission campaign and two other game modes to explore. There may not be too much replay value in Snow Fortress, but the game isn’t terrible either. You get good content for the price, which is more than can be said for most other VR games today.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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