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The Assembly Review – A Mediocre Puzzle Adventure Game

When we started downloading The Assembly for PlayStation VR, the game size surprised us a bit. At 8.43GB, this is by far one of the larger VR games today. At the price of $24.99, one would expect a lot of content from one package, though. A puzzle adventure game with two protagonists and different experiences sound great on paper, but the game falls a bit short in many different aspects.

The Assembly Feels Incomplete at Times

While we applaud nDreams for their venture into the world of puzzle adventure games with a dual-protagonist approach, there are a lot of problems with this particular game as well. The Assembly is not a bad game by any means, mind you, but it feels as if certain aspects could have been done so much better. Especially by dropping players into a story that is already happening and unfolding, some players may get confused pretty quickly.

At the same time, uncovering the past and mysteries is part of what makes this game so great, to begin with. Both protagonists have completely independent stories, which is pretty interesting. The unique setup certainly works in favor of this game. Sadly, once you are done with the game, most of the story still doesn’t make sense whatsoever. It is only the first of many glaring issues, unfortunately, which would have otherwise made The Assembly a much better game.

The puzzles you solve along the way have no consistency whatsoever. Everything you learn from one area can be instantly forgotten as it will not be used in the next part of the map. All puzzles are pretty easy and nothing is memorable, although still enjoyable. Moreover, it is not always clear where you need to go either, which can make for an even more confusing experience overall. Most of the objects in the game world can’t be interacted with either, which is another strange decision by the developers.

The Assembly features many storyline-based choices, but most of them are irrelevant, unfortunately. Motion sickness is also very real in this game, although it will depend on what type of player you are. On the graphics front, there are some things that need improving as well, as the visuals are pretty abysmal.In the end, there is no reason why The Assembly is a VR game, to begin with, as it doesn’t benefit from this new technology whatsoever.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.