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Ghosts in the Toybox Episode 1 Review – A Charming Setting but Lacks Story

Although we aren’t the biggest fans of episodic VR games, Ghosts in the Toybox proves it is worth giving them a try regardless. With only one episode available right now, playtime is somewhat limited. For the price of $19.99, PS VR owners will be introduced to a lot of great content over the next few years. Although this feels like another bland wave shooter, there is a lot to like about this game. Maybe it is just the setting, though, as everything else has been tried at least three times by other developers.

Ghosts in the Toybox is an Interesting Wave Shooter

When it comes to this type of game, people will either love it or hate it. A wave shooter with episodic content is a very big gamble on behalf of the developers, but it may also help the game stand out from the rest. For now, Ghosts in the Toybox Episode 1 is available on PlayStation VR, and it certainly provides a different experience. Controlling your character is done through either the DualShock 4 or move controller, which is a nice option.

Unlike most wave shooters, this game only requires one move controller. Users will be given different weapons throughout the campaign, but they will all be single-handed. This is a missed opportunity in our opinion, even though the developers have made this decision for a reason. Moving around in this game is fairly limited, which is something that either bothers people or goes by unnoticed. In our case, it’s not a big deal, although we would have liked to see more mobility.

Surprisingly, the first episode of Ghosts in the Toybox has no background story whatsoever. Most wave shooters perform better without, though, and this one will probably not be an exception. With two difficult option to choose from, players can tweak the game to their liking if needed. There are also hidden objects to interact with and multiple paths to follow when it comes to completing stages. All in all, a pretty decent start to this episodic game, although it remains to be seen what else the developers will come up with moving forward.

One thing that really stands out for us is the charming environment. Enemies are stuffed “animals” with a surprising amount of variety. Bright colors, a decent audio track, and the overall game world certainly make this game more enjoyable than we had expected. It left us with a good first impression, but it remains to be seen what the next few episodes will provide. For now, it feels a bit short, and a background story would be nice in future episodes. It is a pretty steep price to pay for what is currently available, and most players may be better off waiting until more content is released.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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