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The Lost Bear Review – An Enjoyable 2D Side-scroller in Virtual Reality

Although it is a big coincidence, we have two VR games launching in succession which focus on bears somehow. The Lost Bear for the PlayStation VR is a lot different compared to the wave shooter we recently reviewed. That is a good thing, as  a side scrolling 2D adventure certainly has a lot of merit. This short story about a girl trying to find her lost bear and her way home will warm many players’ hearts. It will leave you wanting more, though, as the game is still relatively short.

The Lost Bear Checks a lot of Right Boxes

Most VR games can be listed under two categories. Either they are too short or they drag on for far too long due to frustrating elements. The Lost Bear shows there is a third category to fill, even though it is a pretty short game. It’s certainly worth the $9.99 price tag, though, as you will have tons of fun with it. The game can be played with a regular DS4 controller, removing the need for proprietary Move controllers. The objective is to control the little girl’s movements, combat enemies, and solve puzzles.

All of these aspects are done extremely well, although the puzzles may feel a bit backward at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, they become a fun aspect of The Lost Bear. The visual style in this game is also pretty unique, although it reminds us a bit of the game Contrast on PlayStation. It is pretty unique in its way, although everything is presented extremely well. Some people will like it, whereas others may not. For us, it is certainly a positive aspect that makes the game even more fun to play.

For a 2D side-scrolling adventure game, your point of view is rather unique as well. It almost feels as if you are watching a school play, which doesn’t bother us at all. There are different stages to concur and your settings will adjust accordingly. There’s also some more immersion when enemies are effectively trying to harm you, even though those moments are pretty scarce. The only downside to The Lost Bear is how we completed it in under two hours. That is not overly short but we enjoyed the game so much we kind of hoped to a bit more replay value. That isn’t there, unfortunately, but it’s no deal breaker by any means.

For the price of $9.99, you get  a worthy PlayStation VR title, which offers something entirely new. It is great in every aspect, although the short duration may warrant waiting for a small discount before picking it up. We certainly don’t mind paying the full price, as The Lost Bear is a great game. The waiting game now begins in terms of finding  a similar gripping game which lasts at least twice as long. We wouldn’t mind more 2D side-scrolling adventure games in VR either.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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