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VRobot Review -Unleash your Destruction Upon Robot-inhabited Cities!

There are many different types of games in VR which feature robots in one way or another. VRobot is no exception in this regard, as the name suggested as much. It is quite an interesting game which emulates the feeling or arcade games in virtual reality. While there is no real story, the game is rather enjoyable when you need to relieve some stress. VRobot is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at a price of $14.99.

VRobot is Enjoyable, but not Exceptional

Few virtual reality games can deliver a solid product without as much as a background story. VRobot certainly falls into this category, as your objective is to smash as many buildings before the timer runs out. Racking up points and improving your previous high score is surprisingly addictive, just like it would when playing this type of game in an arcade. Thankfully, the game does offer some unlockable content to suit everyone demolition needs.

More specifically, users will get their hands on a few new tools ranging from Thor’s Hammer to a tornado and even a tractor beam. The developers of VRobot certainly went out of their way to throw in some wacky stuff, but we can only applaud their efforts. These items will become available as you progress through the game’s levels. It seems there just over a dozen game levels to play through, although more may be added at a later stage. There is enough content to keep you entertained for several hours, though.

With this variety in destructive tools, the effect you have on the game world changes slightly as well. This is partially visible thanks to the decent graphics VRobot brings to the table. Most buildings break apart in a believable manner, which is good to see. The levels are pretty fast-paced and offer you quite the bang for the buck. Combined with some decent audio tracks, VRobot is a great game altogether. Moreover, no humans or animals are harmed during your waves of destruction, as only robots live in these areas.

One downside is how the initial “clearing” of all levels won’t take you that long. In our case, it took less than an hour, but there is plenty of replayability to enjoy. In one level, you will even compete against another robot who is trying to destroy the same city as you. It’s an interesting touch, yet it goes to show this game concept can be taken a lot further if the developers want to explore that option. With nearly thirty achievements to unlock, VRobot offers good value for money in every way.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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