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Sprint Vector Review – Immensely Enjoyable and Engaging

With the weekend almost upon us, it is time to review a proper game which will take up a lot of our time moving forward. While Sprint Vector is not a game for everyone, it is definitely one of the best games on VR platforms in general. It’s also developed by the same team who provided us with Raw Data, one of the top FPS experiences in virtual reality right now. Fast motion in VR often leads to motion sickness, but in Sprint Vector, that is not much a challenge. The game is currently available for the HTC VIve and Oculus Rift at the price of $25.99

Sprint Vector is Surprisingly Good

We are not the biggest fans of multiplayer games, mainly because online communities in VR taper off rather quickly. While VR headsets are becoming more common, this is still a very small and niche market, for obvious reasons.  As such, there is no reason to have any high expectations for games which focus on multiplayer first and foremost. Sprint Vector makes us rethink that opinion, though, as the game certainly offers a fair amount of functionality and fun for a rather competitive price.

As the name suggests, Sprint Vector is all about fast-paced action. It has a single player and a multiplayer mode with an extensive tutorial to get used in the game itself. With 132 different courses to play around with, the game certainly has a ton of content for players to enjoy. There are also nearly a dozen challenge courses which players can complete to hone their skills. Rest assured you will need a good set of skills to be successful in this game, but we are always up for a good challenge.

Moving around in the game is all about swinging your arms to move your character forward. However, it’s not just about forward momentum, but also your angles, stopping, spinning around, and making the most of your environment. Thankfully, the Fluid Locomotion System works extremely well and causes zero motion sickness for us and our friends who played the game as well. That is a rarity in the world of VR gaming these days, but the developers show it is certainly possible. With so much running, jumping, gliding, climbing, and shooting to deal with, players have their hands full at all times.

With power-ups to collect, enemies to defeat, obstacles to avoid, and different routes to use to your advantage, there is so much to Sprint Vector it is almost impossible to explain. With the strong focus on making players swing their arms, you will build up quite a sweat while playing this game. We see more and more games combine gaming with working out, and Sprint Vector makes it quite enjoyable as well. As long as the multiplayer community remains active, this game will have a long shelf life. Even without multiplayer, the single player content can keep most people engaged for some time to come.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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