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WipeOut Omega Collection VR Review – The new Standard for VR Racing?

As a PlayStation owner, we have played virtually every WipeOut game that ever came out. When we learned WipeOut Omega Collection received VR support, the initial excitement was quite big. Surprisingly, that excitement has not been tamped several hours into playing in VR. It is by far the most immersive racing game that we have seen so far.

WipeOut Omega Collection VR is a Godsend

Even though WipeOut Omega Collection is quite amazing without VR support, the extra dimension added to this game in virtual reality should not be overlooked. While it is also a lot more difficult to effectively steer your spaceship, that is part of the fun. Gameplay like this truly deserves to be played in VR, especially with the PlayStation VR getting a major price cut.

Anyone who has ever played any WipeOut game will acknowledge the game is thrilling enough. Expressing this in VR is very different from what one would expect. This is not a VR “shtick” for the existing game, as it is the experience we all hope to live in real life one day. The racing is heart-pounding and sickening in a good way.

It is safe to say WipeOut Omega VR is one of the biggest hits of the PlayStation VR to date. Being able to sit in the cockpit and “enjoying” the view at 700 miles per hour or faster is very unique in many different ways. It is almost impossible to accurately describe, as you simply have to see it for yourself. The races are harder, the challenges are certainly present, and the experience is as authentic as we had hoped for.

While we are always critical of VR games, it is very difficult to fault WipeOut Omega Collection VR in any way. While there are no new tracks to be found, it doesn’t detract from the overall fun whatsoever. If this is the way forward for this series on the PlayStation VR, we will gladly pre-order the next game, assuming there will be one. For a franchise that has been around for over two decades, the developers are still delivering the goods without a hitch.

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