Devil and the Fairy Review – Massive Potential for an Early Access Game

It has been a while since we got a semi-decent fantasy game on our hands. Even though Devil and the Fairy is still in Early Access – and it shows – the game has some positive aspects. For the price of $9.99, there are far worse purchases owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can make.

Devil and the Fairy is Lots of Fun

Before we go further with this review, it is evident to point out the Early Access version of this game is very limited in terms of playability. More specifically, there are three levels and three difficulty settings right now. That is it, but it is more than sufficient to give us an idea of what the finished game will offer in the future. Your job is to protect your dungeon from invading enemies.

Anyone who has ever played Dungeon Keeper will feel right at home with Devil and the Fairy. As we play the Devil, the tone for the rest of the game is set. The game does draw some aspects of tower defense games, which seem to mix quite well with the overall setting. One thing that immediately drew our attention is how different demons have unique aspects. That is a good sign, especially for a game like this one.

While some fantasy games have multiple difficulty settings, which aren’t exactly different, Devil and the Fairy certainly makes you feel the burn. All of the challenges can be overcome with patience and thinking it through. While three different dungeons don’t seem like much, they are very distinct from one another and immensely enjoyable. The graphics look good, fighting animations are fun, and the creepy atmosphere is clearly present.

While it is evident the game isn’t finished, we are excited about the next update by the developers. Devil and the Fairy has a lot of potential if the team keeps churning out equally great content. Whether or not they can do so, remains to be seen. For now, it is worth picking up in its current form, even though you will be done with the content in 60-90 minutes. Then again, there are fully released VR games which don’t even come close to that length.

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By Marat Arguinbaev

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