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360 video

Monoscopic vs Stereoscopic Content

There are different ways to record 360 videos in VR. The most common way is through a single point of view camera which records all the angles and proceeds to stitch them together. A...

Statik Review – A Brilliantly Frustrating Puzzler

There is a wide selection of video games for the virtual reality ecosystem right now. Although not every game is catering toward every VR user, there are some traits most people look out for....
virtual theater

BigScreen Review – A Full-Fledged Computer Experience in Virtual Reality

Using a virtual reality headset means users need to have a very powerful desktop or laptop computer at their disposal. It is only normal consumers want to use their computer in virtual reality as...
vr rider

VR Rider Review – Upgrade Your Indoor Cycling Experience

If you have ever been to gym with brand new equipment you may have noticed that some exercise bikes have large LCD screens. It is common for the screen to display a simulation which translates...

Sliver.TV Review – Experience eSports Content in VR!

It is impossible to deny the growth eSports has gone through over the past few years. A lot of popular online games have major events organized several times throughout the year. Enjoying eSports in...

100ft Robot Golf Review – Hours of Unbridled Fun

Games are not hard to come by in the world of virtual reality, although some concepts may have wackier ideas than others. 100ft Robot Golf, one of the many games released on Playstation VR,...
splaks google cardboard

Splaks Google Cardboard V2.0 Review

The Splaks is a Google Cardboard 2.0 VR viewer. Without the need to assemble the HMD, and with a sleek black design the Splaks Google Cardboard is extremely easy to set up and looks much cooler...
gesture vs gaze control

Gesture Control vs Gaze Control

In the world of virtual reality, there are many different ways to control and interact with the direct environment. Two common types of doing so are called gaze control and gesture control. Both types...
vr surgery

VRinOR Review – A First-row Seat to Everyday Surgeries

The world of virtual reality offers quite a lot of possibilities for game and app developers. Moreover, it can also serve as an educational platform to give people more insight into how certain aspects...
facebook logo

Facebook Spaces Review – VR Video Conferencing But Little Else

It was only a matter of time until social media giants decided to unleash their first VR apps. Facebook has done exactly that, even though their Spaces app is not all that spectacular. It is...


TheVRSoldier ESA Gravity Virtual Relaity

European Space Agency Conducts Gravity Tests in Virtual Relaity

A peculiar correlation exists between virtual reality and space exploration. Especially when it comes to space travel, astronaut training, and even scientific research, VR...

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