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Blasters of the Universe Review – Finally a Proper VR Wave Shooter

Blasters of the Universe for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is a pretty cool game, assuming you like the art style. Just because we like it doesn't mean everyone will but that is...

VR Dungeon Knight Review – A Brilliant Dungeon Crawler

The virtual gaming industry is in dire need of some decent RPG creations.VR Dungeon Knight finally seems to fill this gaping hole in our hearts. The game focuses on dungeon crawling with some minor...

Time Machine VR Review – Restricted Fun With Poor Graphics

There are many different types of VR games which will attract a loyal following. In the case of Time Machine VR, which we played on the PlayStation VR, you will be left with a...

Apollo 11 VR – A Piece of History Well Worth Exploring

Apollo 11 VR is quite an interesting product to take note of.  It is a hybrid between a game and an educative experience. It is also developed by Immersive VR Education Ltd, which explains...

Diesel Express VR Review – A Great VR Shooter

We have always wondered how it would feel to play a Mad Max-style game in virtual reality. Although we still have to wait for such an official experience, Diesel Express VR seems to offer...

Zombie Grenades Practice Review – Great fun With a Different Mindset

Truth be told, we were not too excited to fire up yet another zombie-themed VR game this week. Even though Zombie Grandes Practice is a very different breed of action game altogether, we can't...

ARK Park Review – A Horrendous Game in the ARK Franchise

Although we do like VR games based on TV shows and existing franchises, there is always a degree of skepticism involved as well. When we first learned about ARK Park, the expectations were rather...

Nick Review – A Free-to-play VR Game That Just Works

Although the name might not suggest it, Nick is an actual virtual reality game for the HTC Vive. It's also free-to-play, which makes it even more interesting. As is usually the case with such...

The Wizards Review – A fun and Hectic Spell-slinging Wave Shooter

Virtual reality games are often a great source of incredible entertainment. Especially when that game brings fantasy elements to life. Many among us always wondered what it would be like to play like a...

Cosmic Trip Review – Finally a Decent Strategy Game for VR

Although there are many different game types will-suited for virtual reality, some genres are often overlooked. Strategy games, for example, would be a great addition to the growing VR game catalogs. Cosmic Trip is...


Oculus All Set to Offer New Rift/Marvel Bundle Starting Next Week

VR technology has penetrated the entertainment market in a big way within the past couple of years. Now Oculus VR is trying to bring...