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Paperville Panic Review – Great Action Adventure Despite Minor Bugs

There are quite a few interesting VR games well worth exploring. Even the indie titles are well worth looking into these days. Paperville Panic is definitely one of the games which would fly under...

Catan VR Review – Even More Immersive Than the Real Deal

Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular tabletop games in the world. As such, it's not surprising to learn there is a VR version available. Owners of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift,...

The Tower Review – Short but Immensely Enjoyable For Players of all Ages

With a name like "The Tower", the virtual reality game in question could go in many different directions. Headroom.one decided to create a game for the Oculus Rift which has only received very few...

VRobot Review -Unleash your Destruction Upon Robot-inhabited Cities!

There are many different types of games in VR which feature robots in one way or another. VRobot is no exception in this regard, as the name suggested as much. It is quite an...

Dino Frontier Review – An Excellent Building Sim for PlayStation VR

The child residing in all of us wants nothing more than to see dinosaurs come alive again. Scientifically speaking, that remains still impossible. In the meantime, we have a viable VR alternative in the...

Bandit Six: Combined Arms Review – An Interesting Game That Isn’t for Everyone

Truth be told, we weren't too excited about playing Bandit Six: Combined Arms at first. Considering how this game is available on the PlayStation VR, we did have some high expectations when we finally...

Cold Iron Review – Fun Quickdraw Shooter for PS VR Owners

When it comes to COld Iron, we were not too sure what to expect from this game at first. Although the trailer doesn't look all that impressive, the gameplay itself works surprisingly well. The...

Hangry Bunnies From Mars Review- A Must-buy Game for VR Enthusiasts

Virtual reality games are either cute or absolutely terrifying in most cases. Hangry Bunnies From Mars combined the best of both worlds in the most extreme way possible. These are some very angry bunnies...

Knockout League Review – An Absolutely Brilliant Boxing Game

Boxing games are not as easy to come by in virtual reality as one would expect. Although this concept has a lot of merit, there was no game in this genre for the PlayStation...

Operation Warcade Review – A Proper Arcade Experience With Immersive Options

When it comes to gaming in VR, there are a lot of different ventures worth exploring. With the technology slowly maturing the existing offerings should also continue to improve. Operation Warcade is a full...



Live UAE Football Games are Coming to Mobile VR headsets Worldwide

The United Arab Emirates have shown a great desire to involve in many different ways. It now seems the local Pro League will broadcast...