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splaks google cardboard

Splaks Google Cardboard V2.0 Review

The Splaks is a Google Cardboard 2.0 VR viewer. Without the need to assemble the HMD, and with a sleek black design the Splaks Google Cardboard is extremely easy to set up and looks much cooler...

The American Dream Review – A Different but Refreshing Kind of Shooter

When a game by the name of The American Dream comes around, it is a bit unclear what people can expect. There is no standard definition of the American dream, hence it is quite...

Battlezone Review – Addictive Tank Shooter With Some Frustrating Elements

Battlezone is one of those PlayStation VR games that immediately catches your attention. Older gamers will recall this name, as it used to be an Atari 2600 game back in the good old days....

The Tower Review – Short but Immensely Enjoyable For Players of all Ages

With a name like "The Tower", the virtual reality game in question could go in many different directions. Headroom.one decided to create a game for the Oculus Rift which has only received very few...

Preta: Vendetta Rising Review – A Must-buy for any RPG fan

PlayStation VR owners are quite fortunate when it comes to exploring new games. A lot of different creators have popped up in recent months, and Preta: Vendetta Rising is a very promising title in...

Project Cars 2 VR Mode Review – An Absolutely Sublime Racing Experience

When project Cars 2 was first announced, it wasn't exactly clear why this game needs a VR mode. Although it is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in VR mode, it remains...

Vertigo Review – A Unique Mix of Half-Life and Portal

The VR gaming industry is perfect for indie developers looking to make a lasting impact over the next few years. The developers of Vertigo have certainly shown the world the indie game industry is...

Run of Mydan Review – On-rail Shooting at its Finest

On the rails VR games are a type of venture that isn't explored by developers all that often. Run of Mydan is one of the few games exploring this option in an interesting way....

Out of Ammo Review – A Mediocre FPS/RTS Mix

Out of Ammo has been available to PC versions for quite some time now. Recently, the developers also introduced an 'updated" version for the PlayStation VR. It is still an interesting, albeit rather mediocre...

Esper 2 Review – Fun Puzzler but Nothing Overly Exciting

Even though we aren't exactly sure what happened with Esper, 1, the Esper 2 game for virtual reality is a bit of a mix bag. There is a solid background story for a change,...


Waterloo Receives its Very First Virtual Reality Arcade

Virtual reality arcades are playing an increasing role of importance. These venues allow consumers to access VR technology at a much lower price compared...